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Our clients were very happy with their lot and view… a knockout view of Bellingham Bay and the San Juan Islands.  And they visualized no alterations to their exterior, until Rick came along.


Your classic 'before' image, right? "Rid the pink", pleaded our clients!

Your classic ‘before’ image, right? “Rid the pink”, pleaded our clients!

As usual during an initial site visit Rick asked to be taken outside for a once-around, simply to connect with their place. The north plane of their home had a three story stairway assembly; relatively new; treated wood; in great shape. Except for the bit of slime mold that resided upon the decking; north side; little sun exposure.  He sensed how slick the surface was and given his experience with how many residential accidents occur by falling he spoke up…

“The first thing I’d do is power wash these stairs and landings before you move in or let anyone out here again.  I also think your should add metal stair nosings to each tread and landing so that if someone were to slip the edge metal might catch their sliding footwear.”

It’s not that the clients blew him off; they had far too many projects on their mind — that’s why this project made it to the ‘whole-house remodel’ category — the project was enormous!  But they didn’t want Rick to include this stairway maintenance on the list he was generating during the walk-through.

“It wasn’t two minutes later that Elizabeth’s feet slid out from under her, landing hard on her butt a few steps further down.  

Thankfully she wasn’t hurt, probably because of how fit a human she was.  

Thankfully they asked me to add this maintenance item to the work order… both the power washing and the stair nosings.

Thankfully we fixed this accident-prone stairway prior to any other work taking place!” – Rick


This kitchen was to go as well. Ultimately only the sink location stayed the same!

This kitchen was to go as well. Ultimately only the sink location stayed the same!

Thus began the pathway towards a remodel that included:

A complete kitchen remodel

The total transformation of their bathrooms

New paint colors throughout, eliminating a very drab, off-white color scheme

A beautiful design detail to the stairway to the upper level

New flooring and interior trim throughout the home

Morph an upstairs bedroom into a functional study

Weatherization, insulation and ventialtion upgrades, further improving the energy efficiency of their home

Enjoy the slideshow that follows, and know that you can find additional gallery posts of this project in the ‘kitchen‘ and ‘bathroom‘ categories as well.

  • JJE kitchen
  • JJE stairs
  • JJE view
  • Check out this bathroom!  Designed and built in 2009 by our great team.
  • His ‘n hers lavatories in a recent bathroom remodel on South Hill.
  • Bath_3
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