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This was the third substantial remodel for these repeat clients.

After completing a total basement redo, as well as a later, major kitchen remodel, it was time to tackle the aging exterior shell of their home. As is often the case, their stellar view to the west comes with a cost… increased weather exposure.  Increased weather exposure wears down the skin, or shield, of a structure.  These clients were proactive in their repairs and improvements.

Why wait for costly symptoms to appear?

Unfortunately, the opposite approach is the norm, so a good quarter to a third of our work addresses the unfortunate symptom set so characteristic of a failing shield… wet rot, mold and rot.  Do yourself and your pocketbook a favor and follow these clients’ lead… be proactive so as to avoid the need for costly repairs.  Often we refer to ourselves as property preservation specialists. It could also be said that we’re money preservation specialists. But for us to save you dough it takes a phone call to start this proactive process.  Beat rot to the punch and punch our phone number into your phone.

This time their project included:

  • Replace the entire bay-facing deck
  • Replace all of their siding and exterior trim
  • Redo all of the flat roofing with a new TPO roof membrane
  • Replace almost all of their windows with Milgard ‘Ultrex’ fiberglass windows, with wood interiors
  • Fabricate a custom metal exterior stairway onto their flat upper roof

Before you turn to the slideshow of the finished product  let’s look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, side by side.


Know that this same project appears in both the ‘repairs’ and ‘whole house remodel’ gallery categories; it was difficult to pick just one of these categories so we figured placing it in both made the most sense.  Enjoy the results!

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