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Job Title:                     Support Carpenter

Reports To:                Production Manager

Date:                                June 2014

Minimum Qualifications

    1. Applicants must have 2 years of full time, verifiable experience with a working knowledge of all facets of remodeling (residential and light commercial) and some portion of this experience in concrete flatwork and foundations. Support Carpenters can expect direct supervision by our Lead Carpenters and Project Managers; you are not responsible for layout and supervision.
    2. First Aid and CPR Certification.  If you don’t have current certification you will have 1 month to obtain this at your cost.  Once this initial certification expires, there is no need to sustain this certification.
    3. Owns basic carpentry tools (including hard hat, eye and ear protection, construction-grade footwear). See the more specific list of required tools below (titled “Tools required to be provided by project managers and support carpenters“)
    4. Dependable, presentable transportation – see the more specific description below (titled “Production Division Vehicles”)
    5. Valid driver’s license with an excellent record (record to be verified with our insurance carrier)
    6. Strong knowledge of construction materials and terminology
    7. Ability to follow written and verbal instructions; ability to fill out forms legibly
    8. Computer experience: fluency with mainstream software that performs scheduling, emails, task lists, and contacts; fluency with web searching
    9. Good knowledge of safe lifting and carrying; good safety consciousness
    10. Complete our application form and self-evaluation, including verifiable references.
    11. Adequate hearing, vision, physical ability and endurance to perform work assigned
    12. Be able to perform physical exertion typically found on construction sites including, but not limited to, carrying, lifting, climbing, crawling, stooping, squatting, pushing, pulling and hauling.  Be able to lift 75 -125 pounds on a regular basis; regular lifting of 30-50 pounds over your head; occasionally lifting up to 125 pounds over your head.  You will be expected to work inside and outside, on even and uneven surfaces, on roofs and ladders, under structures, and in other physical situations.


    1. Starting wage commensurate with qualifications and experience.
    2. The current wage range for this position is $15 to $19/hour.
    3. The pace of wage increases from this starting wage will be based on merit.
    4. Other benefits: see summary below.  A full description of our benefits is contained in our Company Policy Manual, which you will receive and sign if you are hired.

Production Division Vehicles

    1. The minimally acceptable vehicle for all production coworkers is:
      1. A pickup with doors and windows that can be securely locked.
      2. A canopy to keep tools dry, secure and locked.
      3. A lumber rack
      4. The capacity to handle the following payload in addition to your own personal tools:
        1. Canopy
          1. Our intent is for you to be able to transport items such as the following (not simultaneously):
            1. 7 sixty-pound sacks of concrete
            2. A wheelbarrow
            3. A chop saw
            4. A table saw
            5. A power washer
        2. Rack: your rack should be able to carry all of the following simultaneously:
          1. Six 12’ 2”x6”’s
          2. An extension ladder
          3. 2 sheets of ½” CDX plywood
    2. Other vehicles that may meet this intent include, but are not limited to:
      1. A van of any size with the capacity to handle the same payload as described above
      2. Other options that are approved by our Production Manager.
    3. Fulltime Project Managers must be able to tow any of our company trailers
      1. When a carpenter becomes a fulltime Project Manager they will be expected to upgrade their vehicle at their cost so as to meet this towing standard.
    4. If the need arises for repairs or improvements to your suspension or other vehicle systems (i.e. shocks, springs, air bags, etc.), these costs are yours to incur.
    5. If you don’t have an appropriate vehicle at the time you are hired, we will mutually agree upon a target date for compliance.  Non-compliance may be grounds for dismissal.

Tools required to be provided by Project Managers and Support Carpenters 

      1. One 50’ extension cord (with ground)
      2. One 3-way extension cord splitter (creates three female connections)
      3. Circular saw
      4. Reciprocating saw
      5. Hand saws
      6. All standard bubble levels
      7. Jig saw
      8. ½” Cordless or ½” corded drill
      9. Initial drill bits (wood and metal). You are responsible to furnish the initial (high speed and wood) drill bits and we will replace them henceforth.
      10. Palm sander
      11. Belt sander
      12. All organizational widgets for your vehicle (i.e. Tupperware; cans; tool boxes; etc.)
      13. Carpenter’s Belt
      14. Chisels
      15. Flat bar and other smaller crow bars
      16. Speed Square/Combination Square/Framing square
      17. Chalk box
      18. Utility knife
      19. Measuring tape
      20. Wristwatch or other time-keeping device (i.e. cell phone, etc.)
      21. Appropriate footwear
      22. Appropriate rain gear
      23. Work gloves (except for specialty gloves furnished by us)
      24. Knee pads
      25. Nail Sets
      26. Small sledge hammer
      27. Hammers
      28. Hand Saws
      29. Pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, socket sets, clamps, nut driver bits, files, etc.
      30. Drywall tools except for texture equipment
      31. Caulking guns
      32. Sawhorses
      33. Staplers
      34. Rechargeable & non-rechargeable batteries for the tools in this list of items you must furnish


This is simply a summary.  If you are hired our Company Policy Manual (CPM) will describe each benefit in much greater detail.  If there’s a discrepancy between this summary and the CPM, the CPM prevails.

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

A-1 Builders provides you with a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) after you have reached your 90 day eligibility requirement.  This is not a health insurance plan.  Instead, we contribute a specific amount of money into your HRA for every hour you work.  The amount we contribute is dependent upon your age.

Vacation Policy

Vacation time begins to accrue after 6 months of employment.  Between 6 months and 5 years of employment a fulltime employee accrues approximately a week’s paid vacation; between 5 and 10 years a fulltime employee accrues approximately 2 weeks paid vacation; over 10 years a fulltime employee accrues approximately 3 weeks paid vacation.

Simple IRA

You are eligible to participate in the plan if you have earned at least $5,000 during the last calendar year and are expected to earn at least $5,000 during this calendar year.  You may elect to defer as much of your wage as you’d like.  However, your total contribution may not exceed $6,000 annually.  You may alter the amount of your contribution every January 1 and July 1 after you initiate your Simple IRA. A-1 Builders will match your contribution dollar for dollar, but our contribution will not exceed 3% of your compensation.  This contribution may be reduced to a level below 3% – but not below 1% – in two out of every five years.


Our production division works four 10-hour days, Tuesday through Friday, from 7am to 5:30pm.

Vehicle Mileage

When you use your personal vehicle for business use you will be reimbursed at the federally-approved reimbursement rate (currently $.56/mile).

Paid Holidays

Christmas Day is a paid holiday for every employee who has worked a minimum of 6 calendar months, with an average of at least 20 hours per week.

In addition, there is a paid ‘floater’ day that you pick and choose.

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries celebrating your longevity here are special events. These gifts differ depending upon your current wage and how many years you have been with us, with more significant gifts when you reach five year multipliers (i.e. at 5 years, 10 years, etc.).

Safety Incentive

Each month that the Production Division performs without an injury that causes the loss of any productive work time, we do a random drawing and award the winner with a gift certificate equal to $10/co-worker who had worked during this injury-free period.  For example, if there was a field crew of 8 people working that month, the gift certificate would be for $80.

Company Clothing

At one year of employment and every 5 years thereafter you will receive a $150 allowance to purchase a company coat upon which we place our logo.

Production employees also receive an annual clothing allowance that is dependent upon their job title.  This benefit begins at 6 months of employment.  Our logo is also placed upon these items.

      1. Production Manager, Project Managers and Expediters: $150 annual allowance
      2. Support Carpenters: $100 annual allowance
Cafeteria Plan of Voluntary Benefits

We offer you a menu of voluntary, qualified benefits which allow you to pay for the selected benefit(s) on a pre-tax basis.  This Cafeteria Plan is a qualified plan under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. You are eligible for these benefits when you have worked here for 45 days, so long as you are at least 18 years old. When you reach these eligibility requirements you can choose any of the following voluntary benefits available to us through AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus):

      1. The Cancer Protection Plan
      2. Accident /Disability Plan
      3. Hospital Intensive Care Plan
      4. Short term disability




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