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No way could we have built this bike and info station without everyone named below jumping in.  It took a village.

This village.

Donated Their Labor

Our co-workers @ A-1 Builders & Adaptations Design Studio:

Maggie Bates

Patrick Martin

Shawn Serdahl

Jake Dyrland

Wes Wertman

Mike Gill

John Botts

Jordan Simmons

Rick Dubrow

Chris Hanson

Bobbi Plata

Cindi Landreth


Patrick’s drawings of the C-BRIS just prior to construction.

Other  helpers:

Petra LeBaron Botts

Jim McCann

Donated Their Dough

CAZ Energy Services

Tom Dorr & Associates Consulting

Brandon Nelson Partners

Bourne Engineering

Tim Cathersal

Naomi Bunis

Karen & Karl Mueller

Scott Moore

Graham & Donna Hunter

Richard & Helen Scholtz

Richard Whittaker

Kathy Hasenjaeger

Quicksilver Photo Lab

John Lindh

Harvey Schwartz

Phyllis Graham

Duane Jager

Environmental Abatement Services

Jane & Robert Ball

Marguerite & Allen Johnson

Liz Donovan

Hoagland Pharmacy

Plain English Technology Services

Blanche Bybee


Mike, Chris (with his back to you) and Cindi shown stamping the slab with the bike parts and botanical specimens already embedded in the concrete. Jordan’s on quality control!

Donated Their Materials and/or Labor 

St. John Glass

iO Creative

Special-T Signs

JM Electric

Action Concrete

The RE Store

Architectural Elements

Carlson Steel

Cowden Concrete

Evergreen Materials

Foundation Restoration

Greggerson Painting

Peetoom Construction

Plantis Nativa

A-1 Builders

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