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Before rearOur relationship with this client started on a golf course when our Project Manager, Shawn, got to talking with another golfer, Al, whom he didn’t know.   Al started talking about his older home and the need to attend to some siding repairs.  Al, and his wife Margo, decided to hire Adaptations in order to help them prioritize their spending.

The design work, for good reason, led down a very different path; the siding would wait until a later date. 

Instead, attention was paid to their rear yard.  The backyard and the rear elevation of their home were not inviting… check out the ‘before’ photo to the left.

What could we do to make the rear yard, and the outside, in general, more inviting? Could the dangerous stairs into the basement be redone and relocated at the same time? 

Check out this covered rear porch that resulted from this exercise!

Now it’s inviting, and the rear wall of the home has aesthetic appeal.  Wouldn’t you want to hang out there with coffee in hand?

Larger imageAlso note the exterior stairs to the basement in the slide show below……….. safe and solid. And it’s not difficult to tell where Phase 2 will start at some future date, when they tackle residing the rest of their home.

(Epilogue added in June of 2013: Phase 2 is now done as well. Now all of the asbestos siding has been removed and the entire home is as appealing as this rear yard elevation.)

We featured this home in our newsletter so go here to read the entire article.

Then, in September of 2015, THIS OLD HOUSE featured this project in a ‘before+ after’ article right here.


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