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Our clients… newlyweds… sought to update the interior of the home they purchased on Alabama Hill. Although our images can’t show this, we incorporated iridescent grout in the master bathroom shower for the first time… glow-in-the-dark grout!

Let’s start with before and after images of their stairway. Note the distressed look in the ‘after’ image, using salvaged lumber for the posts from Duluth Timber in Bow, WA.  The concept of ‘reuse’ or ‘re-purposing’ has surely taken hold as a mainstream concept and desire.  A high-end stairway using used lumber?  You bet!

Local metal-work genius Ornamental Iron was our subcontractor for the black components of this guardrail

Sutton Finals (22)Sutton Befores (11)











How about the before and after of the fireplace.  Again, check out the distressed mantel.

Sutton Befores (32)

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The scope of work included enlarging a walk-in-closet, morphing it into a dressing room, as well as performing a complete facelift of two bathrooms. Here are some additional images of the finished project. Our design [led by Designer Cindi Landreth] and construction[led by Project Manager Mike Gill] included enlarging the window above the tub, given their spectacular view of Bellingham’s city center, Bellingham Bay and the islands.

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