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Why am I an Activist? “Why, Rick, do you spend so much time and energy on community and environmental issues?  What drives you?” Click HERE
Triple-Bottom-Line Thinking When you buy something that doesn’t include ‘hidden’ costs to the commons, like pollution, isn’t this toxic commerce?  Click HERE
Doing What’s Right To Save What’s Left Understanding the Precautionary Principle, a key environmental concept that suggests this: once the majority of the scientific jury is in about a particular issue, logic demands that we begin to enact the solution. Click HERE
Weatherizing Your Home How’s the health of the indoor air you breathe?  Is it fresh and clean?  Stagnant and toxic?  How do you know and what can you do?  Click HERE
‘The Great Law’ The Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy states that “in our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations”. Let’s apply this thinking to how people make decisions about housing choices like, say, the longevity of their roofing shingles. Click HERE
We Can’t Grow On Like This Spotlighting ‘Futurewise Whatcom’ and how this local organization, which Rick Dubrow helped create, works to protect our quality of life. Click HERE
The Nod Amidst the long list of accolades that cycling offers, ‘the nod’ is right up there at the top. It’s pure and simple… much like being a kid again.  Click HERE
Making a Living Making a living that doesn’t sustain life does not a Mister Natural make. Click HERE
You Thought You Knew Understanding the breadth and depth of a local gem… the RE Store.  Click HERE
Awakening the Dreamer; Changing the Dream Get to know the Pachamama Alliance…  driven to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet as the guiding principle of our times. Click HERE
Voting With Your Dollars  You and I buy stuff.  Each and every dollar we pluck down makes a difference. Know that difference and shop wisely. And remember…… buy local, or bye-bye local.   Click HERE
Marketing Ourselves as ‘Best Place’ Keeps the Accelerator Jammed to the Floor  Thank you, Barbara Ryan, for suggesting that we take our foot off of the accelerator on growth. Click HERE
The Nature of Paradigm Shifts “ you really believe, Rick, that organizations like the Bellingham Herald, the Building Industry Association, the Board of Realtors or the Chamber of Commerce can be convinced to stop fanning the growth flame?”  Click HERE
Learning to Tiptoe How will you achieve the reduction in your ecological footprint that the scientific community is pleading with us to achieve? Click HERE
Terminate the Obscene Duane Jager of ReUse Works says that “…we are constipating nature……” Say what?  Click HERE
Start With The End In Mind It takes 9 acres of biologically productive land to support Rick Dubrow’s lifestyle.  What’s your ecological footprint? Click HERE
Dematerialization Dematerialization is about applying intelligence born of our recognition that what we’ve been doing for hundreds of years is foolhardy.  But we didn’t know any better.  Now we do…    Click HERE
Know Thyself So it is with the perfect storm coming home to roost on spaceship Earth — peak oil, climate change and increasing inequity, colliding together before our eyes. Check in with yourself……… know thyself……… will it really affect you, and how hard will it hit? Click HERE
High and Outside  “I want wilderness to infuse your being; to cleanse the urban or suburban cobwebs that may clog your pipes; to breathe some of the cleanest air in the world…”  Click HERE
Know Myself To what degree do you believe in the upcoming, perfect storm of peak oil, climate change and increasing inequity? Will it really affect you, and how hard will it hit? Click HERE
Improve Your Car-ma What’s the Better World Club? Why should you join BWC instead of the AAA for roadside assistance?  Click HERE
Wake Up!  Don’t Hit the “Snooze” Button! The American Dream appears to include an assumption that the well-being of the Earth is an option! The dream needs to change, don’t you think? Click HERE
Middle Aged White Guy Comes to Grips What a Way to Go! Life at the End of Empire a must see movie. “Nothing less than a 123-minute CAT scan of the planet and its twenty-first century human and non-human condition.” – Carolyn Baker  Click HERE
Turning Inside Out Somoan Asch’s research indicates that people are conditioned to conform to group perceptions; to withhold their own perceptions if they are in conflict with the shared reality of those around them.  What if our shared perceptions are wrong? Click HERE
Advanced Framing You want affordable housing, then use advanced framing.  You want a cleaner environment, then use advanced framing.  So what is this?  Click HERE
Sharing the Road….. Safely As an avid cycling commuter, Rick Dubrow shares some thoughts about car/bike compatibility. “What’s there to learn, you might say?  I’m here to tell you: a lot.” Click HERE
Paradise Lost “Structures can be built to last forever… to do so – to afford this — means that we need to build small.”  Click HERE
Good Grief Sharing how and why a potential client chose to follow Rick Dubrow’s advice not to build an addition.  Click HERE
The Gift of Life “Our local community is rich in organizations worthy of your support.  Find them.  Support them.  With time and/or money.  Yes, it takes a village to raise a child.  And it takes you and I to raise a village.” – Rick Dubrow Click HERE
Do Stuff Well Let’s discuss why you should consider supporting EnviroStar businesses.  Click HERE
Achieving a Wise Future Consider supporting Futurewise Whatcom  ( whose very mission is to promote the enforcement of the Growth Management Act… to insure that the GMA benefits citizens rather than special interest groups. Click HERE
Carbon Neutral Travel  Does purchasing a carbon offset for air travel truly neutralize the negative effects of one’s carbon loading, or is this some feel-good buy-down of one’s guilt? Click HERE
Awareness Be Damned!  “Living is easy with eyes closed…..”. At times I so wish my eyes were closed so that life would be easier.  My awareness of our environmental plight brings baggage: concern and fear for the future that lies ahead of us given our disheveling web of life. Click HERE
More Beatles  Living is easy with eyes closed.  One can avoid the despair embraced by those of us paying attention; hearing the earth crying. But, as Lennon and McCartney reveal, the result of eyes closed may be “…misunderstanding all you see.” Click HERE
It’s Cycle-logical  Exploring the benefits of cycle commuting… Touching nature through human powered motion.  Helping community.  Helping the planet.  Helping my health. Click HERE
Head For The Hills Our local Chuckanut Mountains are worthy of your exploration. “My appreciation of this place further fuels my appreciation of the local activists, non-profits and elected officials working to preserve these gems we see outside our own doors. Not only do these forested hills represent the cleansing lungs for our planet, but the Chuckanuts represent the only place where the Cascade range meets the ocean.  They deserve protection…. they deserve your presence as well; high and outside.”  Click HERE
Shades of Green Just about everything, we’re now told, is earth-friendly. It’s ubiquitous. Marketing, suddenly, is all about waving the flag of environmental benefits. Even ‘clean coal’ is earth-friendly.  It must be; I heard it on CNN! C’mon; let’s get real… Click HERE
Gone Green Natural or ‘green’ burials, with their ecological and emotional benefits, are becoming more common; let’s learn about this…  Click HERE
Care For Your Horse You and I are physically healthy to the degree we decide to care for our horse… a metaphor for the animal side of ourselves… if I don’t live in accordance with the laws of our great Earth Mother – eating well and fostering a fit horse – I will join so many others who remain unconsciously unhealthy, or, perhaps worse, consciously unhealthy. Click HERE
Garbage In – Garbage Out What are the implications of a mainstream paradigm that doesn’t embrace limits to growth?  If human law is not aligned with natural law we’re headed for one heck of a collision course.  Click HERE
There Is No Inside Part of your exhalation becomes part of my inhalation. We’re all simply sharing nutrients and wastes, material and energy.  There’s really no separation; we’re one and the same.  Click HERE



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