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Gallery of Our Past Design and Remodel Projects

Imagine our challenge to select the right projects to show you, since we’ve been doing this since 1955!  Want to see the 3,598,237 kitchens we’ve done?

Just kidding!

But it does define the challenge.  Which ones should we show you here? From a pure marketing standpoint the tendency would be to show you only the coolest and glitziest projects in each category, but we’ve chosen not to do this.  Why?  Because our work is simply not all cool and glitzy… by choice and because of market demand.  Some of our projects, for example, are non-glamorous repairs of wet rot and suffering crawlspaces.  Hence you will find a project category entitled ‘Exterior Remodels & Repairs’. 

There’s another reason we choose to show you a wide spectrum of our projects and not just those that are high-end.  We don’t want these project photos to scare you away, thinking that everything we do is over-the-top-expensive and not affordable. Our projects in each of these project categories span the spectrum from straight forward, less expensive endeavors to complex, more expensive works of art. Your budget, your wants and needs, your values and ethics, your home and neighborhood… will all effect how much money you choose to invest in your project.

But know this: the common thread amidst all of our projects is an unwavering commitment to focused research,  thoughtful and aesthetic design, best practices and quality construction.  This holds true for the $20,000 kitchen remodel as well as the $100,000 kitchen remodel.

There’s this wise, anonymous quotation that reads ‘some houses are built to sell while others are built to last’.  Designers and builders must choose between these 2 arenas — cut corners and sell on low price, or build it right for longevity’s sake.  If you tease apart how a builder achieves low price you’ll find out why their houses don’t last.

We have chosen longevity… and our quality is in our name.


Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase ‘life cycle assessment’ or LCA.  It’s a phrase often used in green building jargon to refer to the perspective of life expectancy: how long will a particular home, or counter top, or furnace, last?  Our goal is this: maximize the life expectancy of that which we do.

What about the size of the projects we do?  Do we only take on large projects?  The diversity of our project sizes is as impressive as the diversity of the types of work we do.  And the size of the projects we take on is often dependent upon how busy we are.  So if you’re wondering if your project size is too small or too large for us to take on, the best guideline for you to use is this: ask us!  Call us, or use the ‘send us a message’ window on the bottom right of our website homepage.  Describe your needs and we’ll be straight up with you about whether or not we’re able to engage. Know this:  we’ll do our best… and honesty is the best policy.  You will hear our truth.

The gallery pages that follow will allow you see a small proportion of past projects we’ve completed. We hope you enjoy the scenery!

“I hired A-1 Builders for the first time in 1980 to build an addition on my home.  I chose them because, after I received several bids, their bid was the only one to provide the detailed cost breakdown that I had requested.  I was so impressed with their work and professionalism that I have since hired them for three more projects.  My experience has been that they keep me fully informed about progress and the inevitable problems that arise, including specific cost changes that happen when I request an alteration in the original plan. They are prompt and show up when they say they will be there. A-1 Builders has completed my projects in a timely manner and there have been no surprises in cost.  What all this adds up to is a high degree of trust and clear communication.  The bidding process has always gone smoothly with a high degree of flexibility that has allowed me to handle parts of the projects on my own. Rick Dubrow has become a close personal friend – a rarity in the usual downward spiral of complaint-and-dispute that so often occurs between contractors and their clients.  A-1’s employees have been unfailingly friendly, hardworking, and professional.  I have also appreciated the ready availability of the Adaptations side of this business for their help with design aspects of my projects.  I give A-1 Builders my highest recommendation.” – Michael King

We’ve asked each property owner whether or not they want to remain anonymous within these project postings.  Know that if an owner’s name and/or address is shown herein, they have specifically given us permission to reveal this information.

We hope you enjoy the photography! Some of the images in this section of our past projects were shot by Chris Frerichs, one of our former Project Managers. He also happens to be a professional photographer! Did we luck out or what? Feel free to contact him for your own photography needs: TRUE PHOTOGRAPHY; cell 360-319-4260; home 360-527-9628.

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