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Referral Rewards Program

There are lots of ways to say ‘thank you’ to the people who bring us new clients…

Flower bouquet Gift basket Coffee mug

…but how can we ever repay you, really?  Is a gift basket, bouquet of flowers, or dinner out,  worthy of a connection that leads to, say, a $35,000 kitchen remodel?

We don’t think so.  We believe that repaying you means sharing in our success! Over 59 years of success — since 1955 — driven, predominantly, by referrals!

There’s nothing more powerful than a personal referral to connect a new, potential client with our company.  Such a compliment is stronger than any other marketing out there. Simply put, there’s no better tribute to a company’s overall performance than a personal referral.

In order to express our sincere thanks to someone making such a referral, A-1 Builders has formalized its appreciation into a Referral Rewards Program and here’s how it works…

Available to all of our clients, friends, and business associates,

we will grant a reward that equals one-percent (1%) of the price of a completed project

— design or construction —

that is directly attributable to a referral. 


To ensure overall fairness, our Referral Rewards Program is subject to the following guidelines:

      1. Rick Dubrow (our company President) must receive  the completed Confirmatory Rewards Form found below.  Once received, Rick will send you  (via email or hard-copy) an acknowledgment of  his  receipt of this form.
      2. The one-percent (1%) reward will be calculated based upon the overall price (excluding sales tax and permits) of the finished project, whether it is a design project or a construction project. The reward will be paid when the project is completed and we’ve received payment in full.  In the event a client doesn’t pay their entire amount due, the 1% reward will be calculated using the actual amount paid.
      3. This reward can take the form of a cash payment or a charitable donation of your choice.
      4. The actual construction of a design project that results from a Referral Reward is considered a separate project.  In other words, there will be a design project reward and a separate construction project reward.
      5. No rewards will be paid out for future projects with the same client.  In other words, we’ll only pay a reward for one design project and one construction project per client.  (If the client’s first construction project does not require design work, yet their next project does require design work, no reward will be paid out for this design project.)
      6. Expert Witness and Pre-Remodel Condition Evaluations are not projects for which we pay a referral reward.  We mention this here because we perform both Expert Witness work and Pre-Remodel Condition Evaluations and simply want to disclose that referral rewards do not cover these types of projects.
      7. If two people make claim for the same referral reward, the reward will be paid to the first person from whom Rick receives their Confirmatory Rewards Form via email, FAX or hard copy.
      8. This program is subject to modification or termination at any time without notice at the sole discretion of Rick Dubrow.

Here’s the Confirmatory Rewards Form. Begin with your own name and email address followed by information about the person you would like to refer to us.

Share as much information as you are able — we will never share or sell the information you give us.  You have our word.

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