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Dust & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

 (February 2007)

IAQ is profoundly affected by what dust gets into your home, predominantly carried inside by shoes and pets.  Chronic respiratory problems are often caused by dust.  What can you do to relieve these symptoms? Guests: allergist Dr. Elkayam and John Davies (Building Performance Center)

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(April 2007)

The logic and science of surface & ground water. How to care for your property so that our drinking water and fellow creatures are healthy? Issues include lawns;  gutters and downspouts; perimeter drainage; low impact development; protecting Lake Whatcom. Guests: Chris Webb, local civil engineer; Analiese Burns, local biologist; Wendy Stephenson, RE Sources; Clare Fogelsong, City of B’ham.

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Green & Affordable

(May 2007)

Some green materials and systems cost more dough than their ‘brown’ cousins; others are less expensive.  Let’s discuss achieving both affordability and a low ecological footprint. Guests: Cindi Landreth, Adaptations’ Designer; Sharon Robinson, Architect; Derek Long, Sustainable Connections

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Effective Carbon Offsetting; Show #1

(January 2008)

How can you offset the ecological footprint of your lifestyle and work by using effective carbon offsets (like PSE’s Green Power Initiative).  How can you calculate your carbon usage? This show focuses upon your electrical use. Guests:  Dan Hagen, WWU Professor of Economics; Devin Malone, WWU student involved in spearheading WWU”s use of green power.

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Effective Carbon Offsetting; Show #2

(April 2008)

Let’s go deeper into effective carbon offsetting, building upon our first show.  Let’s simplify this very complex issue.  Guests: Derek Long, Program and Development Director; Dan Hagen, WWU Professor of Economics; Rob Harmon, Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

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RFK’s Keynote Local Speech @ RE Sources’ Special Event

(July 2008)

RFK’s compelling speech about the state of the environment and what each of us can do about it.  He nails the science, history and politics of the environmental movement in a clear and concise fashion.  This speech is worthy of your time… it’s inspirational.

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Sustainable Connections (SC)

(June 2007)

Understanding the urgent need  for the triple-bottom-line: commerce driven by the planet, profits and people.  Guests: Michelle Long, Co-Founder and 1st ED of SC; Bill McKibben, author.

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RE Sources for Sustainable Communities

(July 2007)

What a great, local organization!  Let’s understand what drives this group of stellar environmentalists.  Take a deeper look at the RE Store. Guests: Charlie Maliszewski, Board President; Robyn DuPre, ED;Dean Fearing, RE Store Manager; Crina, Programs Director.

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Futurewise Whatcom


(September 2007)

Another stellar, local organization working to protect our quality of life… protecting farmland and promoting healthy, urban centers; understanding the true cost of development and the intentions of the development community. Guests:  Dan Warner, WWU Professor, former County Councilman;  Megan Blanck-Weiss, Futurewise Field Director.

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‘Build It Tight and Ventilate It Right’

(October 2007)

A building inhales and exhales.  Done properly, indoor air quality is healthy… there’s a proper amount of fresh air.  Done wrong, the air stagnates because it’s too tight, or it’s wasting energy because it’s too loose.  How can you determine if your indoor air quality is healthy? Guests: Robert Stockman, Pinnacle Home Inspections;  Leon Costanten, First Choice Building Inspection Service.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

(October 2007)

The philosophy, need and techniques to reduce one’s ecological footprint. Let us help you get there!  Guests: Duane Jager, ED at ReUse Works; Robyn DuPre; ED at RE Sources.

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(November 2007)

Why is the health of salmon such an important issue?  Is this species our local ‘canary in the coal mine’? How can we help them (and ourselves!) Guests: Jim Hansen, President of Nooksack Recovery Team; Heather Higgins-Aanes, City of B’ham Environmental Resources Division.

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Trash Talk

 (May 2008)

Let’s talk about our trash… about the enormous amount of debris each of us generates.  Where does it go when it’s taken away? Bottom line: there is no away. Guests: Rodd Pemble, SSC;  Lisa Friend, RE Sources; Cathy Lehman, Sustainable Connections.

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(August 2008)

Bicycles… inspired. Issues related to fitness, commuting, safety, local programs, costs.  Is cycling for you?  Guests:  Jeff Wescott, local rider; Charlie Heggem, former professional cyclist; Ellen Barton, Whatcom Smart Trips ‘Everybody Bikes’ program and President of Mt. Baker Bicycle Club.

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