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Rick’s KMRE Radio Shows

Do you remember the Saturday morning KGMI – 790AM show called ‘On The Level’ that Rick anchored from November ’91 through late ’94?   It was all about remodeling, custom homes, green building and green business practices.  In many ways, this show helped put A-1 Builders and Adaptations Design Studio on the local map of well known businesses.

Using this experience he then anchored another show from February 2007 until August of 2008, this time for the low-power FM station at the American Museum of Radio and Electricity… 102.3 FM in downtown Bellingham.

This KMRE show wasn’t a call-in show, thereby allowing more time for in-depth coverage of the topics he chose to take on.  Topics such as indoor air quality, storm water, carbon offsetting, responsibly dealing with debris, affordable green building…

Check out the entire list of shows and listen in to any show of your choosing right HERE and now!

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