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Continued Support

By continuous support we are referring to our follow-through after we’re done with your project. You may want us to help you maintain your home or office. Or not.  Perhaps you’re terrific at maintenance.  For those less than terrific, we can be your super heroes.

IMG_0006All too often some of the least expensive maintenance goes undone and this can subsequently cost you significant dough to remedy. [Spend a bit of time looking at our gallery of ‘exterior repairs’, and you’ll see why!]  Left to deteriorate further, such issues may potentially create life/health/safety problems.  Failing to repair faulty flashing or performing annual caulking are two such items we commonly see.

Our continuous support actually starts during construction.  Years after we’re done with your project you may want to modify the space.  Say you want to add a grab bar in the bathroom, or recess a medicine cabinet into a wall that might contain water lines or some duct work.  What can you do to avoid damaging hidden  infrastructure you can’t see without having x-ray vision? Here’s what we do to help you: just before adding insulation to your existing voids we shoot photos of them so that later you see how things are built with the drywall and insulation removed!  Our clients have raved about this tool.  Open the link and then click on one of the red circles or yellow triangles and see what happens!

If you choose to tackle maintenance yourself, here are three very helpful links:

For a great list and discussion of what should be done to maintain one’s home 

For six home tests every homeowner should perform

Consider buying maintenance scheduling software.  They offer a 15 day free trial that is available online and it looks comprehensive,  thoughtful and well researched.

Know that we can help you with maintenance.  We call it our Continued Support. Speak with us about our offerings in this arena. Common items include annual caulking; cleaning your roof and/or gutters; power washing hard surfaces; evaluating the condition of windows and exterior doors; energy audits; etc.

Let us do your homework for you.

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