Building With the Future in Mind Since 1955
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    Grounded in Community

    You’ve probably seen our readerboard on Northwest Avenue just north of Albertsons. Our quotations are often the talk of the town.

  • Family
    We love it here, don't you?

    Doing what’s right for our clients, our community, our planet, and our shared future. Building with the future in mind since 1955.

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    We’re a Design/Build Company

    Fusing two very different skill sets under one roof. Creating designs that are aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

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    We’re property preservation specialists … among other things!

    We can perform a wellness exam on your home. Be sure there’s nothing festering behind the scenes before you invest in a substantial remodeling project.

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    Safety and Comfort through "Universal Design"

    Incorporating design standards to permit people of any age or ability to live at home as long as possible

A springboard for making your dream project a reality by balancing form, function, and budget.
Do it right or do it over — we save you money by not cutting corners, ensuring the best quality for your budget.
Sustainable, healthier, more efficient — our Green Building is better for you, and the environment.
Remain independent longer by making your home fit your changing safety and comfort needs.

Building With the Future in Mind Since 1955

For nearly six decades we’ve been setting the standard in Whatcom County for remodeling, repairs, and custom homes. Our award-winning team is dedicated to reflecting our community’s commitments to sustainability and the value of long-term thinking.


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Dust Mite Pulverized, Ground-up Civilization
March 16, 2015 - Dust permeates our indoor environment.  It’s everywhere, some of it natural – dead skin, soil, pollen, dust mites.  Some of it unnatural – chemicals, pesticides, rubber, herbicides – all these and more comprise the dust inside our homes and places of work. What many people don’t know is that toxic chemicals are brought inside all [...] Read More
Rick 6 Anonymous Resistance
February 12, 2015 - All too often it can prove edgy to speak your mind.  I get that. Your values surface to the tip of your tongue but you hold tight for fear that you’ll expose a part of yourself at odds with your co-workers; at odds with your spouse, church or employer. “Do I dare speak up?” How do you decide? [...] Read More
Jelly Fish The Underlying Hook
January 30, 2015 - Hundreds of times a day you and I swim around our respective fish bowl interacting with the bait of our consumer society.  Advertisements are everywhere we turn. “Bite on this, won’t you?”  We’re shown the seductive characteristics of a product – the bait – but we’re not shown the underlying, hidden hook. What do I mean [...] Read More

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