Building With the Future in Mind Since 1955
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A springboard for making your dream project a reality by balancing form, function, and budget.
Do it right or do it over — we save you money by not cutting corners, ensuring the best quality for your budget.
Sustainable, healthier, more efficient — our Green Building is better for you, and the environment.
Remain independent longer by making your home fit your changing safety and comfort needs.

Designing, Building and Remodeling With the Future in Mind Since 1955

For over six decades we’ve been setting the standard in Bellingham, WA and in Whatcom County for remodeling, repairs, and custom homes. Our award-winning team is dedicated to reflecting our community’s commitments to sustainability and the value of long-term thinking.

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Cascade Cooperatives Logo Converting to a Worker-Owned Cooperative October 8, 2019 - Join Cascade Cooperatives for a free presentation on converting to a cooperative business model
Project ZeNETH October 3, 2019 - net zero tiny house Advanced Energy Studies Program at Western Washington University Construction begins October 2019 Click HERE to download a set of plans to build your own…
What Is A Worker-Owned Cooperative? October 1, 2017 - On July 1 we became a worker-owned cooperative [WOC], with the leadership and ownership shifting from the prior company owners [Rick Dubrow and Cindi Landreth] to the new company’s co-owners, or ‘Kowners‘, as we nicknamed them [Patrick Martin, Maggie Bates, Justus Peterson, Bobbi Plata and Shawn Serdahl].  This transition ended years and years of study and [...]

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